Company Profile

Midwest Express 

97 Grain & Trucking LLC


Founded: 2012

Owner: Jami Hocker


Mission Statement: 

Provide the highest quality of dependable & timely transportation services in the Midwest. 

Certifications & Memberships

IDOT DBE Certified

Since May 2015

The DBE Program provides small businesses with additional contracting opportunities on transportation related contracts. 

Midwest Express is a female owned company since 2012


Specializing in the transportation of cattle feed, agricultural commodities, and aggregate. Our company is a certified Woman owned business by the departments of transportation in the states of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri, as well as CMS and the Capital Development Board. Over the last few years we have worked hard to stand out from other trucking companies. We started with a single unit in 2012. Today our fleet is comprised of twenty units, most of which are four years old or newer. We take pride in our fleet because we believe our drivers deserve the best.

Our Story

Mid-West Truckers Assn. Inc.

Since 2013

Represents and services 3,000 members in 15 states whose members are trucking companies. The association works closely with all state and federal agencies involved in the trucking industry. 


Since April 2015

Creating Employment and Development Opportunities in Macomb and McDonough County.

Macomb Chamber of Commerce Member

Since December 2015

Creating Employment and Development Opportunities in Macomb and McDonough County.

97 Grain & Trucking, LLC

IDOT EPA Certified

Since May 2015

Wastewater Operator Certification Program certified having the technical compentency , knowledge and skill to transport waste water.

IOWA DBE Certified

Since July 2015

The IOWA DOT takes affirmative action to ensure that Disadvantage business enterprises have the maximum practical opportunity to get IOWA DOT contracts for construction, professional and technical services.